SnoFling – A Classic Brainchild Development

Check out the the Phillip’s Family from Florida enjoying the New York 2015 Snowfall.  Contact Us Today!!!! to get your family fun.


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The Greatest Snow Toy Ever Made

There's no better use for a bucketload of snow than a good old fashioned snowball fight, and the Snofling is here to make your bright white battles even better.

SnoFling is the greatest snowball throwing device ever made.  Created by the Utah Inventor, Duane Erickson, the SnoFling has been helping kids of all ages win on the battlefield.

Made from high-impact plastic, this nifty tool creates snowballs without the need for you to bend over and get your hands wet, allows snowballs to be flung farther than with just your arms, and even packs a built-in noise-maker for bragging after tagging an opponent in the face.

Available in four great colors; red, blue, green or yellow and sold in packages of 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 or 72.